Amazing Unknown Tips of Asphalt 9 in 2020 

asphalt 9 tips

Asphalt 9 Legends is referred to as the ninth installment or versions within the most popular and best mobile arcade car racing series. This new edition (9th Installment) is fully loaded with new realistic graphics and numerous expertly designed cars, to showcase as one of the impressive and amazing mobile car games currently available on the online marketplace. While racing against the numerous online players, you can find various methods to improve your racing mode against the opponents. Hope the below discussion about asphalt 9 unknown tips will be helpful and supportive.

asphalt 9 tips

Amazing Unknown Tips

Find below the list of asphalt 9 unknown tips to enhance your Asphalt 9 car racing game:

Stay & focus on your lane

When compared to the earlier version (Asphalt 8), the all-new Asphalt 9 Legends will offer the best lane system for the users to utilize during the racing game. It is much easier to flip your car within the different lanes and not to worry about boosting & drifting with the assistance of the TouchDrive system. The insane moves are pulled off easier and never worry about the car crash. It is important to stay focused on your lane by swiping into ramps and jumps. Choose the best routes and as well as boosts to stay ahead.

Racing the same lane

It is much easier to earn items or gold to utilize in the racing game by repeating or racing the same set of quests. They will assist to gain bonus points or amount for upgrading the new car to win your next race without any hassle. This enhancement will improve the gameplay difficulty.


Asphalt 9 will offer the most popular and important mechanics like Drifting that assist to recharge your boost and nitro. Make use of the boost and ready for drifting, if you view the big neon signs (that is located near the lane corner). In case of using the current boost then the new boost will be automatically canceled by the drifting. It will allow the player to stay focused on the lane filled with nitro and not crashing the car.

Upgrade the Cars

It is essential to upgrade the cars to gain victory or battle during the multiplayer & single modes. If you prefer to upgrade your car then you need to choose the track with the recommended rating to gain points. You can improve the car speed by focusing on the Nitro and Top speed upgrade. Never forgot to get or upgrade the handling & acceleration elements of your car for easier maneuver on track.

Collect flags

Asphalt 9 Legends will provide the best progression to acquire flags starting from the first session to unlock numerous game modes. The players will gain access to guilds or Asphalt’s Clubs by earning 10 flags. You can gain 15 flags for enabling to compete for the limited-time races to win various special prizes. It is important to upgrade your car to race against the harder one. If you collect 20 flags then it will allow you to participate in the multiplayer mode to race against other players across the globe.

Perfect Nitro pump

The Asphalt 9 racing game includes two different Nitro types: Perfect Nitro and Normal Nitro. Tap the nitro pump one time to activate the Perfect Nitro and tap the right icon to activate the Normal Nitro mode. Once the purple energy bar has appeared then you can successfully activate the nitro mode once again. It is one of the best asphalt 9 unknown tips for sure.

Hold 360 degrees

The nitro tanks can be easily restored using the hugging crabs and the 360-degree cornering will assist you to regain nitro flasks around 40%. The left icon can be pressed twice to activate the 360-degrees access and should be careful while overtaking the upcoming rotation.

Choose your Control Style

There are numerous driving options available within the game and it is important to choose the best control style of play during the game. The all-new TouchDrive system will assist you to choose the best path, when to drift, and at what time to utilize the Nitro boost during the game. You can just swipe the right or left side of your screen to access. For steering, you need to tilt the device to gain an immersive experience and take full control of braking & acceleration during the game.

Perform the assigned Task

This asphalt 9 unknown tips is the best. Yes, once the racing game is completed, the players are provided with multiple additional tasks to complete for gaining their own tokens. It assists to purchase more efficient motor vehicles or accessories to utilize within the gameplay.