Best games under 10mb for Android/ ios and PC in 2021

Best games under 10mb for Android ios and PC in 2021

This article will filter the best games under 10mb for Android/ ios and PC if you have a cell phone with less Ram and less CPU. Many games are available, some of which need big graphics and rooms, which cannot be played with Android Wife Low / Low-End Mobile because these games require more computing and memory to run. It happens.

Best games under 10mb for Android ios and PC in 2021

Why do people choose games under 10mb?

Nowadays, they love to play on their smartphone. Many people waste their time playing games on their cell phones to escape boredom or get a brief rest. This publication is for you if you are one of those who want to play. There are currently plenty of games in the App Store, which are enjoyable to play but very large in scale. Those games eat up half your phone capacity, so you can’t save on your smartphone any applications/media files, etc.

On the other hand, games do not work for those computers. Because the processor and GPU are less powerful, this article will notify you about the best games under 10mb for Android/ ios and PC. All the games in this article are light and friendly in scale.

Bottle Shoot-games under 10mb

Without a Bottle shoot, blast bottles, mini-games, and competition worldwide, our android games are incomplete. When playing great fun, you can experience the 3d influence. Features include Photo-real bottles, the global board of directors, and authentic glass tone.

Racing Moto-games under 10mb

Race motorcycles are another 10 MB gauge pick; in reality, 7.4 MB on Google Play Store is the game’s actual size. It’s enjoyable to enjoy, play and relieve tension. In this particular game, there are no quests and objectives. In this game, you have to speed up the bike and tilt your phone to monitor your motorcycle’s trajectory. Closed calls must be made with other cars when watching the motorcycle’s circuit to increase the cycle speed. You must win points by scoring points to purchase an improved mountain bike in the game. It is one of the best games to download in 2021 under 10MB.

Bike Xtreme-games under 10mb

This is another bike race game with no more than 5 MB of telephone space. You can also compete on more than 30 songs, which provides variety. In this game, the tilt controls are very smooth, and the bike physics is realistic. It gives you the opportunity for the bike and the rider to change their look if you want.

Plane simulator 3D-games under 10mb

The plane 3D simulator is one of the top 10 MB of Android and iOS games available. It is a racing game where you have to play several tricks to complete the lane, accelerate the bike, hop, etc. Simply put, you only need to speed up or climb over barriers to raise scores. Three separate playgrounds and 90 fun, addictive levels are available. The game was developed in Runner Game and Google Play Store with over 10 million downloads. It’s the most famous 10MB arcade game.

Zombie Attack 2-games under 10mb

Zombie Attack 2 is Android Games’ best zombie action shooting list of 10 MB games. It is a 2D adventure game that survives and shoots the zombie in a zombie world. A 2d cartoon is The graphics of the game. This is a game of 4 different worlds, a map of the zombie on the road, eight heroes, 24 various zombie forms, eight boss zombies, eight heroes with other weapons, And four types of cars, jeeps, trucks, and APCs are available. You can play this game in the Android play shop at less than 10 MB. Zombie Attack 2 is free to download, so it is include in the top 10 MB of Android Games. Take and enjoy your game at the play shop.

Poly Path-games under 10mb

Poly Path is another game that is addictive. You need a fantastic amount of concentration and reflexes to play this game. You counter balls with their respective colors that is intend to be lower into the circles. At first, the game is easy to play, but gradually the course becomes curious until it moves, and it is tough to play. It is easy to master, though. To play this fantastic mind-bending game, no damn Internet connection is need. Get your mobile and start doing something outstanding in your head. And because we are talking about games below 10MB, it’s also just 5MB in scale.

Caveman Adventure-games under 10mb

The game follows a caveman whose kid and a dinosaur abducts the caveman to rescue his child. The graphics and timing of the game are as decent for now. The more than 20 stadiums, power-ups, power-lows, and four unique environments make this game highly addictive and one of a kind by hundreds of stunning obstacles. It will remind you of the old Mario games.

Stickman Fight-games under 10mb

Stickman Fight is one of Google Playstore’s most successful arcade games. Candy Mobile has been established and has more than 5 million Play Store downloads. The game must develop a thorough escape plan to clear the identity of the player. You have even left to build equipment, solve puzzles and get out of jail. In 8 different themed cells, it has more than 40 intimidating stages. Fighting your opponent is one of Stickman Fight’s greatest 10B games for tearing your time off your workplace.

Mekorama-games under 10mb

This favorite and one of the most popular Android 10 MB puzzle games. For Google Playstore users, the game is recommended as an option for the publisher. The game is free without any hidden characteristics. Complete game modes are available at no charge. You can play the game for free as long as you want, and you can help the developer by paying for it if you think it’s worth it.

Bottom Line

I hope you’ve enjoyed our ultimate list of extremely best games under 10mb for Android/ ios and PC, and as I’ve already told you how you shouldn’t get involved with discovering big compressed games, you should consider these great games instead.

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