Best Instagram dare games to play anytime

Instagram is being one of the most used platforms these days. All those people who feel like that Facebook, WhatsApp and all of the platforms have become the older ones then Instagram is best for them to choose. These days the Instagram dare games are in trend which let users take a lot of interest in it.

If you use Instagram regularly than you might be aware of the same as well. If you feel like that the Instagram dare games will help you to turn your time into some exciting ones then some of the games are mentioned here which you can consider.

Instagram dare games available here will help you to connect with your friends more easily and also let them understand what you are up to and how you want to connect with them. Without creating any delay let’s have a look at the games available.

Instagram dare games to play

List of Instagram dare games

Instagram favourite things questions

When you are going for Instagram dare games, the question of the favourite things will also become a part of it. This will allow you to connect with your friends easily. You can post a question asking about their favourite thing. It could be any like any place, novel, song, music director, and so on. You just need to post the same over your status and your friends will be able to connect with you.

Want to know me more questions

There might be a chance that your friends are eager to ask certain questions but somehow they are not able to do so. You can go to get to know me. This will be going to include your favourite food, colour, drawing, City, animal, TV show, and so on. This will let your friends know about you more and they can easily relate themselves to your story.

Instagram dare games for boyfriend and girlfriend

Some Instagram dare games are going on which are related to girlfriend and boyfriend only. In this, there is a specific question that chooses a letter or chooses an alphabet from this and the same alphabet following to the dare you need to do it. This is fun to do because some of the tasks are so hilarious in it that it will let you make out laugh uncontrollably.

Instagram story quiz

Instagram story quiz is also going on a lot. In this for a user is supposed to choose a number from 1 to 10 and the number following the particular quiz needs to be followed by the viewer. There is no going back option available from it. If they are not doing so then they are just cutting out the fun of the game.

Instagram dare game of posting a picture

Some Dare games are also going on on Instagram aware and individual needs to post a pic in the specific dress. It could be any including traditional, Western, ethnic and so on. Then they need to pass on to all those who comment over their picture. This is fun and through this user will going to get pictures of their friends easily.

Instagram emoticon game

Instagram emoticon game is also going on where there are 10 all 12 emoticons available and among all of them, a user needs to choose one. The emoticon they will choose to have a particular there are available which they need to fulfil. This there could be any including any gift, any state a coma and so on. There will be so many interesting questions are waiting for you when you are going for this emoticon game.

Instagram question-answer sessions

Now some question answers are also organised on Instagram will going to act as Instagram dare game. Yes, you read it right. This might sound a bit weird but this is the truth. In this game, a user will be going to get certain questions and for the same, they need to answer. If the individual who is asking about the question knows about the answer and they find out that their lies then a user needs to pay the fine.

Instagram post the video Dare

Among all the Instagram dare games, the force to the video there is one of the most interesting ones. In this pair, a user needs to choose a particular thing and on the same they will be going to create a video. And the video they will be going to post on their Instagram portal. This is fun to see how people put their efforts in preparing the video and dedicate whatever the task is. But for the same an individual needs to understand that to the person who is asking is not violating any rule and regulation or hurting the Ethics of another person.

But it is a suggestion that does not use any of the game unnecessarily because there might be a chance some games may hurt Ethics of others. Therefore be sure about your choice and then take a step further for it. This is all about dare games and now it is your choice which one you wish to consider and how you want to play.

If you have any other ideas for dare games then do let us know in the comments section below. It will help us to explore some more new games and also let us connect with our viewers easily.

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