Best online and popular games to play in 2020

best online games 2020

In the current scenario, millions of people are looking for an entertainment for various reasons. Generally, when it comes to an entertainment, you can witness the movies, outdoor games, indoor games and more. Among those things, playing games online are always said to be the most comfortable one for many. Yes, without any doubt people will agree. So, people who all are really interested in playing best online games rather than offline, then this below discussion will be helpful and at the same time supportive for sure.

When people are excited to play online games, they will find the option like multiplayer. Even this could be the main reason where most of the people are showing their more excitement towards online games. Let’s jump into the discussion in finding the best online games to play.’

best online games 2020


Basically, it is said to be the free online card game which is available for the platforms like Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows. It is a game where the players need to fight each other by using the respective cards. This interesting game will mainly allow the players to play at any platform without any hassles. Well, this game will offer the prices to its winners. Players who all are interested to play, then they can also select the different modes which are available in it.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

This game is a talk of the town, where millions of people across the globe are always interested to play this survival game. This multiplayer game allows you to play with other 99 real time players. The main theme of this game is to compete with each other and they need to survive until the last. On the whole, it will offer the combination of loads of fun and thrilling at the same time. It is absolutely free for the people to download this game on their devices at any time.


It comes up with the best level combination of futuristic science-fiction to makes its players to get excited from start to end. This game is considered to be one of the most and best action games to be played by millions globally. The best thing about this game is its customizable options. Also, you can able to experience some interesting missions to complete once started to play this game. With the support of customization option, you can able to modify your weapons at any time.

Tetris 99

If you are a fan of puzzle game, then tetris 99 will always be the best for you. It is mainly provides the strategy with additional layer to make this game more interesting and at the same time exciting. For information, it is exclusive to Nintendo switch. So, the online subscribers of Nintendo switch can make use of this game. Once started to play this classic game, then you will be addicted to this one for sure.

League of Legends

It releases a decade back, but still it is said to be the most favorite game for many. The main reason is availability of great mode scene. Basically, it is considering as the multiplayer battle arena game. It mainly features with unique champions. For information, more 100 millions players are active to play this game every day globally.

Final words

These are some of the most exciting and best online games to play with friends using multiplayer option. Apart from these amazing games, you can even find various games available to play across the internet at any time to choose and play.