Best Online Games to play during Quarantine

Best Online games for quarantine

Not everyone is used to stay home all day and it is difficult for people who are not used to such lockdown and home stays without any outings. However, COVID-19 has actually made people stay in places that are not their home town or city and this is absolutely the toughest part for anyone who is not with their family right now and is stuck in other locations. Well, there are tons of online games for quarantine that you can play with anyone and that are not a restriction at all, even with your long distance family and friends too.

Best Online games for quarantine

You might be remembering those old school games and board games and yes we have all those games inside the internet. There are a lot of them such as school time games, party games, business games and even the outdoor games have come to your fingertips that we have mentioned below.

Online Games to play in Quarantine

You can simply checkout the below mentioned online games for quarantine that are available will never bore you for sure.


Remember LUDO king? This was one of the most favorite board game for each one of us. Playing Ludo back then after school with our siblings and childhood friends used to be a great time to be spent. But we eventually grew up and started having other commitments and responsibilities and somewhere in our routine we have lost our childhood fun, but this quarantine has again given an opportunity to travel back to those old days. Ludo King is now online and available on play store and app store for free. Just download, invite your family and friends and start playing this one of the best online games for quarantine.

This is another fun game that you can deny at all and yes it is somewhat similar to the game Pictionary. is an entertaining drawing game where every player who have participated in the game will sketch or draw the word that is mentioned while the other players will guess the word. The points are rewarded based on how quick the players have guessed the sketch. Of course, this is exactly a game where you can witness how funny and terrible your friends are! At the end of the day, this game is mainly considered as one of the top online games for quarantine.


We all love playing the business game that has always been everyone’s favorite since we were kids. Monopoly is an online multiplayer game which teaches you how exactly you can run a business. However, if you know business already or if you have got some set of skills then this online board game is for you. You can play using fake money to buy various locations in the game. You can play with your friends and of course all the players must have signed in the game to play with your friends and each other. Just invite your friends after logging in and then start playing.


UNO is the most preferred and widely played card game every time we plan up for a get together or for a night over with our friends. Of course, history has witnessed a plenty of friendships ending because of this game. The goal to finish up the cards and shout UNO, before your other friends do and that is when the fun part begins when one of your friend says that you have cards hidden under your sleeves. This awesome game is now available online to renew those friendships all again.


You cannot deny this game and the fun that this game offers both online and offline. Pool game is everything about fun and all time entertainment as you will never be bored of this game online. You can play with online players or even with your friends by inviting them in your game. Of course, before you start playing the game you have to login into the game and only then you will be able to play the game for sure.

PUBG/Call of Duty

Well, both of these online games are much of a battlefield and it does help in being engaged with the virtual world without having to worry about the other circumstances. Yes, both these games are similar but of course, these games have their own differences for sure. However, you should not get much addicted to both these games and yes these games can be played on both PC and smartphone which is a great advantage of this game. Also, you can play with your online players or inviting your friends as well.


Well, there are many such online games for quarantine that is simply the best online game that one can play during the quarantine. You can always opt for playing all these above mentioned games or else you can try out other different ones too. It is not necessary that you only play games; you can also do something much productive other than just games.

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