Best puzzle games for android device 

best puzzle games for android

There was a time when we used to solve puzzles in the newspaper now since androids and iOS have come things have become digital. These puzzles are good for mind and realizing your mind and age is not a concern for such a type of game. Anyone who is interested in games they can surely go ahead because many sorts of puzzle games are available now. Puzzles are one of the best and right ways for treating your mind and time for productive things. Let’s have a look at some of the best puzzle games for android.

best puzzle games for android

To make your life a little bit interesting you may absolutely play this game. Psychology proves that humans are more interested towards solving tricky things so in that way too these games are a good help. On the other hand, it is a good mind exercise so it will definitely boost up your memory and a kind of exercise for the brain. We all remember the great name in the puzzles, Ramanujan and many more, so some puzzles are also based mathematically which is definitely a great way to use the mind for productive things. 

Roll the ball

A pot with classic technique and modern structure is loved by everyone so is the game. The technique is the same old one which used to be in the newspaper but it is all in the new form. It has a multiplayer option where bonuses and rewards can be earned. While playing this game there will be numbers of options and hints and this all will be fun. Here in the game, the player has to arrange titles to make the way for the ball to the destination and that is all it is. Roll the ball will completely make you roll the attempts and eveytime you play you find something interesting and that of course makes you solve the puzzle. It is also considered to be one of the best puzzle games for android device.

Block! Hexa puzzle

The name of the game is quite interesting and different from other ones. One thing is refurbished old fashioned puzzle games and if you have to play something amazing this is that one. Here you have to deal with diamonds and jewels and by arranging it you have to complete the raw. Although the game gives the impression of being very easy, the story is completely different. Every time you play this will give you rewards and bonus on that. Time limit is not a threat in the game so you can play it patiently with a colourful background and mesmerizing sounds. It is definitely a good idea for increasing their geometric ideas. 

Jigsaw puzzle real

We all are aware by this name and somewhere or the other we all have played this one with our friends or in our childhood. Maybe that is why; it is counted in the traditional and most common puzzle game for androids. You can definitely pick up any picture among 2400 and match them. So you can also play with your photos too and have endless fun. It is one of very interesting things because we usually find children playing this.  Let’s enjoy once again and let’s relive our memories and enjoy the game.

Cut the rope 2

This one falls into the category of logical and funny puzzle games. It has so many levels and around 168 challenge levels will be there. Variety of the characters will be there and you can meet them. Leader board will give you ways to compare your progression. The amazing 3D graphics and soundtrack makes the game a whole interesting.  When you play it you find so many interesting levels where this solving puzzle becomes an interesting game. 

Love poly

This game is a little bit tricky and puzzled for those who might be playing for the first. But the game has interesting features which are appealing, why this game is little bit interesting with amazing background and beautiful themes. The best part about this game is that you can play it even if you are offline so there is no tension of data. Lots of things make it appealing and interesting for playing. Solve the games and reach to different levels. Love poly is one nice way to give yourself a good treatment for the mind and spending your time productively. 


Brain games are always interesting and awesome and good for brains. When you give tools to exercise your mind then you automatically help your brain to get relaxed even. According to psychology we must use our minds for productive things, using mind is one thing but using mind for productivity is another thing. So when you invest your mind for solving complex things but also helps it boost up and shaping that for your own good. Hopefully, the above discussed best puzzle games for android will be helpful for you to play and feel always active.

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