Best Unknown Features of PUBG Mobile Game

PUBG Mobile Game is an existence and firing game published on both Android and iOS mobiles with the English language. In addition to the Tencent Gaming Friend edition that everyone plays PUBG game on laptop and PC, you can also experience the PUBG game on your mobile device with the help of Bluestacks emulator that comes with PUBG Mobile. This game has been available for a few weeks now, and it is apparent that it has come up with some thrilling and exciting pubg unknown features which will increase the experience for PC and Xbox One PUBG players as well.

For a long time after its main rival, Fortnite, originated with iOS procedures, Player Unknown’s Battleground also published a free edition. We observed that over a hundred performers got parachutes on an island, and the players also have armaments to kill others while also protecting themselves. The game map’s available, secure space reduced over time. The last team or the previous PUBG players wins the stage.

It is accessible for both iOS and android applicants and no unique invite code needed at promotion; PUBG Mobile has discontinued as one of the more famous Battle Royale mobile device games on the market. PUBG Mobile completely mimics Battleground of Player Unknown on Computer PCs ranging from characters, main menus, graphics, features, and sounds.

pubg unknown features

Special pubg unknown features

  • Find for grenades, weapons, bullets, and other essential materials for your final existence.
  • Smart auto-selecting specification.
  • It contains three familiar modes, such as Solo, Duo, and Squad.
  • Now you can take part in a cruel and heartless existence battle that includes 100 players.
  • Modify your personality by selecting attire, hairstyle, and shoes.
  • It has a massive variety of armaments to use, namely rifles, rifleman, shotguns, bullets.
  • It has a wide variety of vehicles ranging from cars, scooters, ships, and cans.
  • A minor map shows the place of the opponent’s bullets.

New and Unknown Features of PUBG Mobile Game

The PUBG mobile has also attained various specifications or features which are not obtainable in “big” games. PUBG Mobile Game is a route of aircraft, and it has a dotted line on a map, detachment to partners, distance to the harmless region, and a pair of other minor things. The veterans will certainly know why it is quiet and pubg unknown features.

  • It has come up with a new 0.16.0 version, and it has striking features such as new entrance, night mode, and room postcards. No official announcement has been out when PUBG Mobile Lite 0.16.0 version will be available.
  • The new PUBG latest version will have some exciting features, including Night Mode, Country Flag, and even friends. The recent release also estimated to take a new logo of this game.
  • The latest PUBG Mobile Game logo will feature a male character with an orange line.
  • The forthcoming Mobile Lite version update will also carry the newest entrance border with a new theme, which is known as the winter theme.
  • The new version may also take the probability of creating a room card on the latest and latest version of PUBG Mobile Lite.
  • Gamers will also purchase new room cards, and they can use these cards to make private rooms for their fights.
  • These Room cards will be accessible from the shop section, and you can buy these Room cards itself.

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