Top 10 Amazing games like Pokemon Go to play in 2020

Best Games like pokemon go

We have played games like Pokemon Go, but do we know the insights behind it. Augmented reality is a technology which helps us to create an interactive, awesome audio visual feel to the user by simulation in the real world. Augmented reality in short AR uses animation, speech recognition and image recognition techniques in hand held devices to add a virtual display over the real environment.Best Games like pokemon goGames played in the smartphone like pokemon go creates Augmented Reality which revolves around fictional characters. The players’ first catch and then train the fictional Pokemon characters all in real locations. The Augmented Reality is created by using location tracking and a perfect mapping of those characters with the real environment. As the player walks around the street, these characters will appear on the gaming map. The player has to throw pokeballs on the Pokemon which will appear on their smartphone screen when they come within a close range. If you are facing issues like soft ban, then get the right solution here.

Do you think these are the only AR games that are available in the market? With gaining popularity of these games, techies have developed many other games like Pokemon go. It’s time for us to explore them.

Other popular AR games like Pokemon Go are


Maguss is an AR games like Pokemon Go which is based on wizarding MMORPG. MMORPG represents Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. It takes place in a persistent world where even thousands or millions of players can create their own characters. Whatever event happens may impact the player even if they are not logged in. Maguss allows you to cast a spell on your smart phone and also using the Maguss wand. You can study to cast spell, brew the magic potion, discover dungeons and acquire those ingredients in them.


Ingress is a Pokemon Go alternative game which is quite popular across same AR category. It is a location based multiplayer game where we can see other players reached levels too. The player needs to fight against the evil forces that are planning to spoil or harm the humanity. An unknown form of energy is found to take over the world and hence the world is divided into two forces. Players represent either “Enlightened” or “Resistance” teams also referred as factions.  They are represented in green and blue respectively. Players need to control many number of namely “Mind units” under their faction. Mind units are the approximate number of humans under their regions which their faction controls.

Player can cover the regions of the territory using Google maps using virtual links. Players can capture territories and can defend them from other faction to solve mysteries. Ingress comes under game like pokemon go offline category too.


Codemon game played in android phones is also called as barcode monsters. You can scan the barcode to find codemons and also spells and auras. You as a player need to battle with other players by bringing your codemons to the codiseum to increase your level.  Codebook gives the information about the codemons available. In total there are 64 codemon races.

Dogs Go

Dogs Go is way too similar games like Pokemon go 2020. You have to search puppies, doggies in the city or streets or inside buildings. Use yarn ball to catch these cute creatures at geographic locations by reaching the point on map. Explore your surroundings using this game and find all pocket dogs. Play with other players or your friends and find whose collection is bigger.

Dragon mania legends

Dragon mania legends are a game of dragons. There is a dragon land and you are a person living in that village. You need to save this dragon land from enemies who are trying to destruct them. Dragons come out from eggs and they can be trained to save the land from enemies. Air, rock, fires are few skills used to train the dragons. Dragon mania legends is a games like Pokemon go and it uses great graphics and makes us really feel like living in the world of dragons.


It is also way similar game like Pokemon Go. Mobbles are nothing but monsters living near you. Different types of monsters in varied colors live near our places and we need to catch them to increase our level in the game. Play with friends around the world and get all those creatures. Sometimes you need to fight those monsters to capture them.

Delta T

Delta T is also a location based games like Pokemon go. A player can chose between 4 teams unlike Pokemon Go which has 3 teams and Ingress with just 2 teams to choose. Players can construct and even upgrade bases and cooperate with other teams by forming a truce with Mega corporations teamed up in countries like India, Germany, America and Japan. Four teams can split to become either as 3 teams altogether forming one big team leaving the other as opponent or 2 teams in each side fighting with 2 other teams clubbed together. Just battle out with other players and find the hidden artifacts using the battle map.


Need peace to live longer in your streets? Play this Peacer game which is totally free on your android by planting peace signs throughout your quests. Player earns points for dropping a peace sign. If another player had already planted a peace sign, just conquer and remove the signs placed by them by playing a mini game with them.

Zombies Run

Zombies Run is a wonderful exercise game like Pokemon Go which makes you fit by making you run from the world filled with zombies trying to chase you out with their screams. To live, you need to either run or jog when these zombies chase you. Unlock daily levels to stay alive and collect supplies to boost you.

Landlord real estate

Want to become a real estate magnate in your gaming world? Landlord real estate game exactly does that by allowing you to strategize and reap most out of your investments. You need to find places that give you the real revenue and build schools or offices, sell your properties for high profit etc. Definitely this game is a treat for people who love real estate world combining real time gaming experience.

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