How Shadow fighter 3 download for PC

Shadow fighter 3 game for pc

Gone are the days, where you had to rely on high-end smartphones to play Shadow Fight 3. In this tutorial, we are going to make good use of your laptop or Windows PC to play modern mobile games in the highest graphics setting as possible. Of course, your equipment does have to meet a certain minimum requirement and fill the gap, but if you own one of the modern mid-range CPU’s then you are totally fine. Here the discussion of Shadow fighter 3 download for PC will be helpful and supportive for sure.

Shadow fighter 3 game for pc

Can you Install Shadow Fight 3 Game on Windows PC?

Simulators were developed more than 1.9 decades ago in an attempt to experience retro games. Fortunately, the simulators started to evolve, and we have Android emulators today. You can install Android-based games on emulators that run smoothly on Windows PC. However, you have to fill up minimum requirements, to experience immersive gameplay with Shadow fighter 3 download for PC.

Processor: 1.8GHz Dual-core or above.

Virtualization: Intel VT or AMD’s Hyper-V technology. The processor should have this technology, and you can check it by using the “msinfo32” system information command.

Step 1: Press Windows key + S and then type “msinfo32” to open the System Information.

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom and check, whether Intel VT or Hyper-V is turned on.

RAM: 4GB is minimum or above. Windows 10 consumes 2GB of RAM to manage the operating system. Meanwhile, the rest of the 2GB will be consumed by the Android emulator and other Windows background applications.

HDD or SSD: 10GB free space in Windows installed partition.

GPU: Since we are talking about gaming here, so I have pointed out that you need a strong GPU that has 1GB memory. In my case, I have RX 570 (4GB), which is a powerful GPU for playing Android games, so you need a powerful for an immersive experience.

Accounts: One active Google account to access Google Play Store.

Android Emulator: I’m using MEmu Android Player.

There are several numbers of contributing reasons, why I’m pushing MEmu here, and one of the major ones is that it is lightweight, and does not install unknown programs in your PC. I don’t use Bluestacks because they have heavyweight dashboard and Nox Player installed unknown programs (Chromium malware) in my Windows PC.

MEmu during idle state:

The Android emulator consumed 248.2MB RAM that includes MEmu application, MEmuHyperv Headless Frontend, MEmuHyperv Interface, and Memuservice (32-bit.)

Overall, the power usage during the idle state is low to very low and this solution is suitable for laptops.

MEmu during gaming:

The Android emulator consumed 298.7MB – 350MB RAM that includes MEmu application, MEmuHyperv Headless Frontend, MEmuHyperv Interface, and Memuservice (32-bit.)

The power usage is extremely on the higher side due to the high usage of GPU. All Android emulators utilize virtualization and GPU to the maximum extent to provide high-end gaming experience. Overall, this is a common phenomenon, and nothing to worry about it.

Now that you are ready and prepared for the battle, move onto the important part.

How Shadow fighter 3 download for PC?

Make sure to have an active internet connection and Google account for Play Store access. I’m assuming that you have downloaded and installed an Android emulator of your choice and opened it.

Step 1: Launch the Android simulator.

Step 2: Click on the Play Store, and sign-in to the store using Google account.

Step 3: Click on the search bar, and then type “Shadow Fight 3” to continue

Step 4: Click on “Install” to continue.

Permissions: Storage only.

Step 5: In a matter of seconds, your game will be downloaded and is available in the dashboard.

Step 6: If you have opened the game, then you have to agree to the “Terms of use” agreement to continue.

Step 7: Customize the character as you see fit and then click on “Accept” to continue.

Step 8: Configure the Google Play Games and set your name and then click on “GO” to complete the process.

Click on the “Shadow Fight 3” icon in the dashboard or Homescreen, and you will be able to play the game smoothly. Of course, you have to configure the controls because the developers cannot create presets for every single game in the Play Store due to limitations. Now, done with Shadow fighter 3 download for PC.

How to set controls in Shadow Fight 3 Game on PC?

Once done with Shadow fighter 3 download for PC, you have to add controls to use a physical keyboard, and newbies may get confused over it, so I thought to make an easy tutorial to explain this part. Everything in MEmu is inbuilt and allows me to educate you on the process, and it’s simple to follow & implement.

Step 1: Click on the virtual keyboard icon located at the right sidebar. I have highlighted the part in the snapshot below, so take a closer look at it.

Step 2: A new panel shows up on the sidebar, and Drag & Drop joystick in the right place.

Step 3:  I have added proper buttons to control the game, and then click on “Save” to finish the process.

Step 4: I played the round for a minute or so, and it works flawlessly and defeated the opponent in the training ground.

Overall, it does take a while to get used to the new controls, but the virtual keyboard works flawlessly. You have to play around the buttons to understand, which button has a specific role and utilize it at an expert level.

Bottom Line

Now, you have successfully Shadow fighter 3 download for PC. I have laid down everything you needed to know to play Android games in Windows PC including hardware, and software information. Let us know if we have missed a thing or two in the comment section below.

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