Ludo King Game Review with exciting features

ludo king game

Ludo King is one of the most classical and popular board games available across the online platform. You can recall your childhood by playing this Ludo King with your family, friends, or relatives. This is another multi-player & cross-platform game that is compatible with the Windows mobile platform, iOS, Android, and Desktop (PC) simultaneously. It also supports the offline mode and allows the players to play to this game using Local Multi-player mode (Play & Pass) or with Computer. The Ludo King online game is a casual dice game and most favorite game for various Bollywood superstars.

ludo king game

Ludo King – Gameplay

Ludo King Game is another best board game that is derived from Pachisi, the ancient Indian game. The game objective is required to move the provided 4 tokens from its earlier starting point to reach the Home, which is also referred to as the Center of the Board. The first person to reach the home will win this game. The Ludo King Video will also describe the same. There are 4 different modes available in this game: Private Multi-player mode, Online Multi-player, Local Mode, and against Computer.

The Private Multi-player mode will allow the user to play the online multiple players and also allowed them to select the other players. Online Multi-player mode will play with online opponent players without any choice to choose from. The Local mode is used to play with numerous players in offline mode. Computer mode will allow you to play the game against the computer. The Ludo king online 4 players game is one of the most popular games played by various players. The local multi-player will allow you to play with 6 players with your Facebook online friends.

Ludo King Game – Features

Find below the list of features offered by the Ludo King game for your reference:

Simple & Clean Interface

Similar to other board games like Mini Metro & Words with Friends, the Ludo King game will also offer a simple & clean interface to use. After starting the game, the players should start their turn by rolling the dice. You can tap your desired token for moving based on strategic plan and even bypass the opponents to reach your home. The winner should take the entire 4 tokens to reach the home.

The main screen of this game will allow the players to choose their preferred game either Snakes & Ladders or Ludo King Game. Both games have an automatic and simple gameplay to play. It is essential to roll the dice on your turn and make the appropriate move on the token. The computer will move the token automatically if there is no move left.

Gameplay of Multiple Modes

When compared to other board games, the Ludo King game will allow the players to play the game with other players across the globe. The Ludo game app can be downloaded by inviting the friends using Facebook integration. It is another Android game that utilizes the Auto-move system and not possible to use the Cheat codes for advancing the levels in Ludo King Game. The Computer game mode will allow the players to play with four or two-player game versus the Computer.

The Offline mode will allow the players to play the game conveniently using your iOS or Android device without using the internet connection. The computer will not cheat while matching your preferred game playing style. The Local Multi-player mode will assist the users to play the game only against four or two friends with the help of a smartphone. It is also possible to hand over the device to any other person during each turn. The most popular and the best gaming mode is the Online Multi-player mode.

The players are allowed to access the online server and play the game with strangers or unknown players across the globe. This mode can be used to play the game in a real-time mode. The Play with Friends mode will allow the users to create a new Private room and also 4 players can join the game to enjoy it. It is essential to send a Facebook or Whatsapp invitation to your friends from joining the private room gameplay.

Numerous Engaged Features

The Ludo King game will offer more engaging and fun features to play the game. It will allow you to include numerous players (maximum 6 players) to get on-board, challenge with other players across the globe, chat with friends, and many more. This could be another reason for this game’s success. From its earlier starting stage, this Ludo King game was downloaded by numerous million users worldwide. With its nostalgic and addictive gaming experience, it is consistently growing with the user base.

Ludo King Game Highlights

Find below the list of highlights offered by the Ludo King game for your reference:

  • This dice game will offer the best or classical look & feel with better graphics.
  • There are 7 variations of a gameboard for playing the Snake & Ladder game.
  • You can share the emojis or stickers with your opponents.
  • It is also possible to have a private chat with other Facebook buddies or friends.
  • Play with a global player and make them friends.
  • Invite your Facebook friends to challenge within the private chat room and become a Ludo King.
  • The Local Multi-player mode will allow playing with 2 or 4 or 6 players.
  • The Online Multi-player & Local Multi-player modes are allowed to play with friends, relatives, and family members.
  • You can play the game against the computer without an internet connection.

Ludo King Game – Rules

Each player will be provided with 4 tokens to start the game. The game’s main goal is to move the entire tokens (4 tokens) from its starting location or point to the home location (the center point of the board) by rolling the dice. The winner should take the entire 4 tokens to reach the home. This is a simple game and much easier to learn the playing method. Find below the list of rules drafted for the Ludo King game:

  • If once the player rolled with a six-number then you can start the 4 tokens to move from its base.
  • Each token can be moved with the number of steps to move by rolling the dice. Players are allowed to choose their preferred token to move on the field.
  • It is possible to roll again by rolling the six number. If the player consistently rolls the six number 3 times then the last roll is automatically skipped.
  • You can gain more rolls by stopping the opponent player’s token in a similar grid.
  • The entire tokens with the star grids & colored grids are also mentioned as safe places.
  • The first player who reaches the home with their 4 tokens is considered as a Winner.

Ludo king Game – PC Download

You can find two different methods for Ludo King game download for PC or computer. The Ludo King download for PC is available through Android emulator and Microsoft Store options.

Android Emulator

The users are allowed to utilize the Android emulator program to play the Ludo King mobile version to download through the Google Play Store. It is recommended to use the Bluestacks or Nox App player emulators to play the Android mobile game versions on your mobile phone. Make use of these Android emulators to install the Ludo King game on your PC.

Microsoft Store

For each Windows 10 OS PC, it is already available with the Microsoft Store feature. Just launch the program and make use of the Search bar to browse & locate the Ludo King game. It is a free game and just tap to download & install the game on your PC. It is not possible to use the Landscape mode to play this Ludo King game. Adjust the game window to play normally with the assistance of the Portrait window.

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