Why Pokemon Go keep crashing and how to fix it?

Fix Pokemon go keep crashing

Pokemon Go is a favorite game for all the players out there. Every day millions of people become part of this portal and start playing. The number of players is constantly increasing, and every day there is a new challenge for the player. This game comes up with a smooth experience which led them to stay on the portal for a longer duration. If you have ever played it, you will feel attracted to the game as well. But sometimes, player’s faces difficulties when Pokemon Go keeps crashing, and they are not sure how to fix it. There might be a chance the same problem has been arising with you, and this let you come here.

Fix Pokemon go keep crashing

Don’t worry anymore because we will be going to discuss it in detail so that next time you will not face this trouble at all and fixing out things will be easy for you. Stay tuned with us till the last to get the solution according to the problem you are facing.

What is the reason behind Pokemon Go keeps crashing?

Multiple reasons are there which contribute to Pokemon Go keeps crashing problem. This includes:-

The app is not working properly

Sometimes the Pokemon Go app is not working properly and appears to be laggy as well. At that moment, a user needs to check out the latest version of Pokemon go. If the Pokemon go latest version is not there, they will not be able to fix the problem.

There is an issue with internet connectivity

We all know internet connectivity is required by an individual to play the game effortlessly. If there is an issue with internet connectivity, the same problem will arise. Therefore before moving ahead with any of the solutions, do check out whether a stable internet connection is available or not. It sometimes contributes to the freezing of Pokemon go as well. Thus, do check it out for an amazing experience.

Lack of space on your device

Whether you have it on your Android device or iOS, it is essential to check out whether sufficient space is there on your device or not. In case there is not sufficient space available on the device, Pokemon Go keeps crashing. It is important to have some space available on the mobile device to run it smoothly. Sometimes when you are trying to catch the Pokemon, this problem happens where it crashes or got freeze for a while. Hence, check out space on your device, including RAM and ROM, and move ahead with it.

How to fix the Pokemon Go keeps crashing problem?

Now, look at all the solutions to fix the problem and play it effortlessly:

Check out the modem installed at your place

If you are having access to an internet connection with Wi-Fi, we suggest you check it out. There might be a chance of some problem is happening with the modem installed at your place, and it contributes to a slow network to the device connected. The slow network also contributes to the crashing of Pokemon Go. Check it out and make sure whether it is providing stable internet access or not. If stable internet access is not there, we suggest you wait for a while and try to play it again. When you play it next time, the same table will not be there if it is due to an internet issue.

Check out the space available on your device

Do not forget to check out whether sufficient space is available on your device or not. If there is no space on your device, you will not be able to run it smoothly. Pokemon Go keeps crashing when there is a shortage of space. We suggest you remove unwanted applications from your device to have sufficient space available. Right now, the devices are having an abundance of memory, and this problem doesn’t appear. But if still your device is occupied with the data and no space is there, it contributes to crashing problem.

Check out for the update of the application

Whenever there is an update for the Pokemon Go application with this problem will arise. If you are using iPhone, then visit the App Store on your device and look forward to the Pokemon Go app updates. In case there is an update available, you will find out the option. The same is the scenario with Android users. Android users are supposed to visit Google Play Store and hit on the three horizontal lines to look for the update. Within no time, there will be an indication available related to update on Pokemon Go. Hit on it and let the application get updated. After it open the device, go through the app and checks out whether the problem has been resolved or not.

Reboot your device

Rebooting your device will also help you to fix the crashing problem. Sometimes you have used multiple applications at the same time, which contributes to the crashing of the Pokemon Go application. At that moment, you need to reboot the device. When you reboot the device, it will fix all the problems happening, and you will be able to use Pokemon Go easily.

Reinstall the Pokemon go application

Last but not least, if not even a single solution is working in your favor, we suggest you install the Pokemon Go application. Sometimes the application is not working effectively, and this lets the person face trouble. Uninstall the application restart your device, and then install it again. Wait for the moment until it gets installed again and perform the login with the same details to enjoy playing your favorite Pokemon Go game.

Final words

Here we have come to an end and shared all the details related to Pokemon go. Now there is no need for you to face the Pokemon Go keeps crashing problem anymore. Just adapt any of the methods we have provided above to run it efficiently. If still, any problem persists, do let us know, and we will help you to get the best solution for it.

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