Download Pubg Mod Apk 0.15.0 with unlimited UC and BP 2019


What is PUBG Mod?

Pubg Mod
Pubg Mod

The game that became a sensation in the gaming industry in a very short period after its release was none other than PUBG. There’s something special about PUBG, which makes the gamers get attracted towards it. The main idea of the game has always been to kill or get killed. You have to be the last survival player to earn the title of “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. 

With each update, Tencent games always bring something new to the table. But, as the time is progressing, more and more players are joining the platform daily, which is making the game a lot hard to play. We have personally seen many top-rated players falling down drastically just because there’s joining of new players in abundance. If you would like to deal with such issues in a smart way then you should definitely get PUBG MOD. 

The third party developers out there search for various loopholes and bugs in the game so that they can implement or perform the game activities which aren’t normally possible in the regular version. But, remember that none of the bugs or loopholes are permanent. Tencent Games keep looking out for such bugs that may cause a harm to their game and create injustice for the normal players. Every update kills many bugs, loopholes and at the same time, bans the hackers’ accounts permanently. 

Hacking PUBG is totally illegal, so we never recommend you from our side to download and play the mod version. But, still if you are ready to take the risk and responsibility on your own shoulders then keep reading this article till the end. 

Features of PUBG Hacked apk

Our PUBG Mod APK contains a lot of unique and special features that you will never be able to find in the normal version. It’s true that the mod version carries a certain amount of risk but remember, if you use our mod version (which contains the anti ban feature) and at the same time be a little smart like not using your original account to play then there are very less chances of you getting banned. 

Pubg Mod chicken Dinner

 Get PUBG unlimited uc

What’s the fun of playing PUBG matches every time in the same dress? It’s a fact that the free users don’t have much options in terms of outfits in the normal version but if you download our mod apk then you will be able to get unlimited UC (in-game currency) to buy different kinds of outfits. The UC can only be bought via real money, whose idea doesn’t go in accordance with everyone. So, that’s why people keep looking for unlimited UC and their this dream can easily be fulfilled by the downloading of our mod apk. 

 Unlimited PUBG BP

Pubg Mod unlimited BP

Battle Points (BP) is another commonly used in-game currency. After each match, you will be awarded some amount of BP, which totally depends upon your number of kills, damage you have done, match survival duration, etc. With the battle points, you can purchase all kinds of game items like outfits, skin color, hair style, skins. Our mod apk gives you unlimited BP which just means that you can buy all the available items and show off to your friends. 

 No time limit

The addiction of PUBG had gone to such a limit that people had stopped giving importance to other crucial activities of their life and had only diverted their attention towards the game. Many people raised voice against this across the globe and that’s when the developers rolled the decision with an update that stated that a player will only be able to play PUBG for maximum 6 hours at a stretch. 

After that, the player will be banned from playing for the next 24 hours. We strongly agree with this rule as this seems to be one of the vital ways to deal with the addiction of the various players. But, if you would still like to play for longer durations, then you must download our PUBG Mod apk.

Zero Recoil

No matter, what gun you acquire in PUBG, every equipment will have somewhat or the other number of recoils. To understand the game/technique of guns and recoils, you will have to spend a considerable amount of time playing  the game. But, if you are someone who is new to the game and or doesn’t want to put in so much brains then the mod version will be best suited for you as it contains zero recoils, no matter what the gun is. This way, you will easily be able to kill maximum number of players in very short span of time.

 Anti Ban

The PUBG policy clearly states that the use of hacked apps will result into temporary or permanent ban of your account. That’s why you would keep hearing news of game hackers getting banned now and then. But, there’s a good news for everyone! Our PUBG Mod apk contains Anti-Ban feature, which won’t let you come into the limelight of the developers. There are very less chances that you will be banned using our version, but still for your safety, we recommend you to never use your original ID on the mod version. 

Download PUBG mobile Mod Apk

It’s very easy to download the PUBG Mobile Mod APK through our special and fast servers. Just remember to uninstall the previous version of the game or if you don’t want to do that, then you can enable dual space through the inbuilt settings or by downloading a third party app. With the mod apk, you will have to also download the OBB file and both of its direct download links have been given below. Once downloaded, head on to the installation section as that’s where the real fun begins. 

Installation: PUBG Mobile Mod + obb on Your phone

If you have never sideloaded app+obb files before then you must read this section till the end. On the other side, if you feel that you are already aware of the installation guide then you may skip this section. But, still have a quick glance, in case you forget some step. So, clearly follow the below mentioned steps to install PUBG Mobile Mod on your device. 

1) From the download section, ensure that both of the apk and OBB file have been downloaded to your device storage. Remember, due to the large size of the OBB file, it may take some time for the download to get completed. Have patience while the process hasn’t been initiated. 

2) Before you open anything, head to Settings and enable installation from unknown sources. 

3) Open the APK file and follow the on-screen instructions to install it successfully on your device. Don’t open the app right away, as we still have to deploy the data file in the right place. If you open the app at this stage then you may end up messing a few things here and there. 

4) Locate your OBB file and copy it to Internal Storage>> Android>> OBB>>Tencent. 

5) Now head back to the app and click on it. If you followed every step carefully then your app should be ready in no time.