Resident evil 3 Final Review: Not a satisfying outing compared to original

resident evil 3 review

It’s been more than 20 years the resident evil 3 was released. When the excellent resident evil 2 remake was declared out last year it didn’t even seem really like the same scenario. The developer of the game revealed that the resident evil 3 was getting the same importance as well as treatment on PC, PS4, Xbox one and other devices in last December. But after the April 3 release, things have changed a bit.

resident evil 3 review

The situation is felt quite same

It’s been weeks of lock down due to covid-19 in the United Kingdom and we have spent several days’ today view out the game. Explode a virtual town is struggling with the deadly virus that is an infection transforming the resident into cannibals. When we were reviewing and identify the situations given in the resident evil 3 game play, we were feeling like quite familiar with the situation that we are in nowadays.

Interruption from the Reality

Despite the fact, this remake has proved a nice distraction. However, there is a fact that it is not able to want you the same like the original one or the resident evil 2 remake. This time, the developers have tried to script the cinematic sections and the boss battles. When he showed up all the actions in the resident evil 3 remake he was feeling pretty terrifying and agile but ultimately, he feels under used.

Quite Similar To the Remake of Resident Evil 2

Combat is quite similar to the remake of resident evil 2 released last year. It is quite slick and satisfying along with a sense of danger constantly. In this game, you can easily use new features to get away from the enemies. This feature has been replaced from the defensive weapons. There is a small section of weapons that can be used to get rid of the enemies and those are also upgraded. While playing, you can also get different set of guns to play.

Beautifully designed interface

The interface has been beautifully designed that it will engage you throughout the series. Jill is a compelling protagonist while on the other hand; the villain nicholai is very convincing in all the way. It is satisfyingly tying up all the events of the resident evil 2 that have been taken place in the first half of this game chronologically. Even, in the early section of resident evil 3 remake, you will feel like having a delightful sense of freedom as you move towards the streets of the city but there is one disappointment that that we make will suddenly push you up towards a new area. This means the initial one was locked of unexpectedly so you will feel like having no time in understanding that the game is visually arresting the environments.

Some of the features are highly lacking

This is quite unfortunate when you consider that the optional areas and the branching parts of the original series are pretty much forcing you to be on the right track while there is some lacking the replay value. In order to keep your attention and attraction towards the game, the key items have been deliberately replaced with some other bunch of features and enemies. In order to get the machine is working it will become necessary for you use your own strategies and brain. However, in this remake you will feel regretted regarding the classic elements as these are largely ignored. Apart from this, the ammunition and health are also quite plentiful and that is why the item management it is not that much having importance just likes the remake of the second game.

Battle against the Monsters and Race across the City

You just need to go towards it will take around 5 to 6 hours for you to get through the game which is quite long. The usual array of items and difficulties will bring you back be on the series. The major task is to make you battling against the monsters and racing across the city is so really missed in the remake. However, it is packed with the resident evil resistance but still in the review period we haven’t get into the match.

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